Coping with Holiday Stress







With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, it’s common to feel overwhelmed. Here are some tips from our owner and therapist, Jennifer Carota on surviving and thriving during the busy holiday season!

  • Keep it simple. Create a plan for holiday shopping, entertaining, and socializing well in advance. If your plan feels stressful to you, cut back on something. Focus on what’s most important to you and your immediate family. Don’t spread yourself too thin!
  • Set a budget and stick to it. Decide well in advance how much you will spend on gifts, entertainment, food and beverages. Once you know your budget, bargain shop for the best deals to get more bang for your buck.
  •  Low on cash? Low on time? Create memories with friends and family members from afar throughout the year. No one said that you can’t celebrate the season all year long.
  • Grieving a loss? It’s OK to postpone the holiday to make room for your grief. Do what feels right for you. Create a new tradition or allow yourself the time reflect on your loss. Take good care of yourself and your needs during this difficult time.
  • Be mindful of your blessings and extend your generosity in time, money, or attention to a cause that is meaning for you. Don’t forget the reason for the season.

Wishing you all happy, healthy and blessed holiday season!


Jennifer Melnick Carota, MS, LPC, NCC

Owner, Director, Therapist

The Counseling House

611 Broad Avenue, Belle Vernon, PA  15012