Bariatric Evaluations

Are you struggling with weight loss and considering surgical weight loss?  Part of that process may require pre and post counseling, as well as a comprehensive Bariatric Evaluation to clear you for surgery.  Finding a Bariatric Evaluator close to home may be difficult.  We hope to assist you along your weight loss journey, as the Counseling House in Belle Vernon, PA is now offering Bariatric Evaluations for Bariatric patients requiring pre-surgical clearance for surgery.  Our evaluation process includes both face to face interview and standardized online testing with a comprehensive written report provided to you and or your surgeon upon request.  Please contact for more information on Bariatric Evaluations in our Belle Vernon, PA office.  Insurance may cover a portion of your costs for the Bariatric Evaluation.  Call us and we will answer any questions you might have.  724-929-3435